November 30, 2011

about anti-wall skill protection

From patch notes 4.0.5:
«Added a system that checks if there is an object between the player and the target when a skill is used. If an item is in between, the skill can not be used. (does not apply to the skills Snipe & Autoshot (yet))»
 So cute…

November 29, 2011

stats table updated to 4.0.5

You can find it here (google docs).

Founded unnamed surprise (ID 513381-513386):

talent calculation

Founded formula of talent points for skills. Overview as chart.
Some skills requires 186 tp at 1st level, rest — 150 (passive at most).

experience formula founded!

Thx to McBen for opening my eyes :)

Today I found the correct formula for character experience calculation from level.