February 29, 2012

Runes of Magic Soundtrack

[OST] Runes of Magic is here (torrent), extracted from fdb/music.fdb

February 27, 2012

RoM Lua extension

This project was started a half year ago to extend the Runes of Magic Lua Interface (API).

What is it?  It is a RoM extension which removes lua restrictions (such as disabled "io" module) and allows to load an external modules.

How to separate RoM settings for different servers or clients

It's can be done with few ways:

February 23, 2012

New Classes: Harpsyn and Psyron

Runewaker presents a new 2 classes for Runes of Magic: Harpsyn and Psyron!

Probably, it is internal names for new classes, like Thief is a Rogue or Ranger is a Scout. There are no so much information about them, only this sentence from Ned Shadoweave:
"If only I'd studied Rune Weapon Operations harder, I could join [SC_Z31_DEPARTMENT_04] (Campaign Department) and become a great [SYS_CLASSNAME_PSYRON] (Psyron). Sigh, it's too bad I don't have the talent to fight."

update: more information about new classes of Chapter V can be found at RoM-Welten.de.

Also we can see a skills for these classes (without elite skills, because elite skill table keeped at server):

February 21, 2012

Gear for 100 level

There are a full sets for 100 level characters, for all classes. It contains an unnamed 236 stats and bonuses. Items unnamed too, so its hard to find them at RunesDatabase.

Here is some items:

Purple items produces T6 manastones, base tier is 5. 

gear-100-en equip-100 total stats

February 18, 2012

Mysterious Bags: part 2

Update for previous post.

105930 is a bag from the Tergothen Bay, 105982 from the future zone 22 (Old Kingdom of Rorrzan), which refers to next chapter with 71-80 levels and new world.

Bags appears with 1% chance only from buffed mobs (buffs like Empower, Arduous, Frenzy and Tenacious). Buff chance is 20% (5% for any of 4 buffs).