January 29, 2012

about romchat

romchat it is a remote chat client which uses RoM network protocol for connecting official servers. It allows to communicate with guild members, use any kind of chat (world, zone, private channels and whispers).

Also it can provide the additional features such as mail and auction (via NPC, convenient items or portable service).

Idea of this client is taken from WoW Remote, because people often wants to communicate with game friends when it is not possible via official client (for example, in traveling or with mobile phones).

Now I developing the RoM remote library and Windows desktop client to explore the necessary features for this idea. Also a mobile versions is planned to develop, for Android and iOS mobile systems.

  • multiserver support
  • server list with some information (channels count, server load)
  • chatting: world, zone, guild, party, private channels, private messaging with item links viewing
  • creation and joining at private or party channels
  • character information, economy
  • backpack, bank and equip view
  • server guild list with all guild & members information
  • siege wars: view list, state, can register and join to SW (join was disabled to prevent slacking in SW for rewards)
  • score board (ranks)
  • friend and black list support
  • mailbox (via npc, items or rent)
  • auction (where you can browse, buy or sell items)
  • in-game itemshop (with gift support)
  • crafting (limited support)
  • in-game subscriptions (bank, auction, mail, house energy; wardrobe, bag and bank space)

In future:
  • pet crafting
  • bank viewer
  • item enchantments calculation
  • raid and multi party support (incomplete now)
  • multi mail sending
  • auction mass lot creation

Some screenshots of the desktop client:


  1. Anonymous15/4/12 17:21

    Hey, i find your romchat project very interesting, any change that you will share it, maybe even the source too?

    1. Mobile clients still under development :)

    2. Anonymous19/4/12 18:16

      Sounds cool, how about the windows application?

    3. Anonymous17/5/13 08:48

      AT what stage is this project at this moment? If possible, when can a working prototype be out?

  2. Anonymous3/3/13 20:12

    wow, seems awesome

  3. Anonymous29/5/13 21:04

    Is this dead project?

    Any chance we can try/use this?


    1. Not dead, but not alive. Wait some time.

  4. Anonymous27/7/13 10:48

    download link Pleaseeee !!