July 29, 2015

new game report: TERA online

This winter met some old, but still alive game — TERA online. I played few monthes from CBT at RU server, then started to look at game internals.

It was a second game, which I reversed (RIFT and DragonsPhophet was abandoned at begin), so it looked a bit unusual to me: packed client, encrypted database, tricky launcher with separated authorization and mixed packet opcodes at each major patch.

At end of spring I started to reverse it. This game have several emulators already, since it was released in 2011 with KR version, even working and semi-complete, but I inspected a RU version and I had to look a current client.

November 18, 2013

live report

rom was dropped, now I reverse the  Dragon's Prophet
now I just slacking :D

November 01, 2013

useful links

Some useful links related to Runes of Magic information…

June 13, 2013

RomChat was released for Android

After year of slacking, I decided to sell own R&D stuff related to this game to some guys with more enthusiasm that I have :)

Now they released first mobile app: Runes of Magic Mobile Chat for Google Android phones and tables.

January 27, 2013

upcoming Merdin Tundra screens

Following screens taken from russian forum. Guy, who made it, told that he accessed dungeon too, but without any proof. Also he did not told, whether npc or player says on last screen.
Anyway, you can preview a next location.

January 26, 2013

about new dungeons: Boutman Haunt

Dungeon for 80 lvl (Chapter VI, 6.0.0), with hard (for raid of 12 players). Large and nice (I think, most of ppl bored of undeground dungeons and prefer a open-space like Origin or RT).

January 21, 2013

total bonus values from cards

There are (in 5.0.6) 1280 cards with bonus, 1329 total.

Bonus summary:
totalstat name
491Physical Attack
504Magical Defense
416Magical Attack

January 14, 2013

rom server emulator v 0.3

Not release, just status update:

about new dungeons: Bedim castle

It is a dungeon for 77 lvl, looks like Aeternal Circle, here is bosses screens (order and stats can be wrong):

January 06, 2013

Chance to spawn boss when ordinary mobs were killed

January 03, 2013

about "Report spam" function

REPORT_SPAM_CONFIRMATION = "Do you want to report %s as spammer?"

Is it works? Short answer: no, but long answer is yes.

moving RoM models to CryEngine

just for fun:

December 17, 2012


Planting sheet for Runes of Magic.

going to mobile

I decided to publish some Runes of Magic information sheets in mobile versions due to many requests from players.

Then I plan to release a mobile version of RomChat for Android OS first.

December 03, 2012

GM impersonation fix in 5.0.5

Official note.

In fact, runewaker was added an additional "real" class value in chat packets, that filled by server. So, when you receive any chat message, you get a two "class1" fields: one from sending person and one ("official class") from server :D

If someone (Mage 75 / Priest 70 for example) will try to hack his own client to "become GM" in chat (GM 200 / Warrior 100) and send a chat message (to zone/channel/guild or wisper), another players will se him as "Mage 200 / Warrior 100". Message and class colors would be from Mage also.

Note that Inquire (AskPlayerInfo("Player") Lua function) still returns a possible hacked information. But GetGuildRosterInfo() returned from server and cannot be hacked.

update: on Russian official servers this "secure" class chat field filled with random (trash) values, so guild mates will see a "random" class color :))

November 29, 2012


R.I.P. to my first RoM-related project: miller ranch bot :)
It was created at 10/01/2011 and worked directly with RoM network protocol, so it requires only ~5 mb of memory per driven character :)

Another good example is a planting care stand-alone client, which allow to automatically seed, feed, care and gather plants, but it not so cool as miller was :)

November 23, 2012

founded monsters experience

subj, but still cannot calculate right formula for level differences of player and monster.

update: all found.

upcoming 5.0.6 news

Next content update will brings us a new zone called "Merdin Tundra" for 77 lvl and special arena event dungeon, where you can take a new class "Duelist" with up to 6 skills and special magic runes.

Read more at RomWelten.de (New PvP Zone "Arkanium Arena").

update: gameforge decided to postpone the new content (tundra & bedim), they released only Arcanium Arena.

October 02, 2012

boss parameters for chapters 1-4

Updated stat sheet for previous bosses. Chapter 5 will be shown later.

August 26, 2012

banned again on EU servers

Nice answer about reason:
We no longer desire your patronage of our services.

So, its a nice stimulus to continue develop my own rom emulator :)

June 27, 2012

about actual boss parameters

Found an unreaplied comment:
i do not know how easy it is for you to parse the data but i think a LOT of people would be very interested in real-world data from bosses a) to compare with what the community found out so far b) to better optimize equipment and put the appropriate weight on certain skills like some of mages warriors and scouts which reduce a criticial resistance - currently everyone is more or less just guessing how much the actual effect will be. 
IDK. In some games this information is open, in another (including RoM) — closed.

Lot of peoples trying to obtain or calculate the real parameters (PAtk, PDef, Crit resist, etc.) and if I will publish full table, they will lose interest of research :)

Upd: okay, this is parameters for Chapters 1-2: link.

June 24, 2012

summer holidays

I decided to relax for a time, so work on Runes of Magic Emulator was suspended, as well as game research.

But you can look on RoM-Welten.de for news or game internals information.

May 19, 2012

Chapter V: Zodiac Pets

With 5.0.0 Runewaker introduces new kind of pets called "zodiac pets".

May 15, 2012

rom server emulator v 0.2

Status update

April 25, 2012

about new dungeons: Chaos Vortex: Evil

More information on rom-welten, here is screens.

about new dungeons: Ifantrish Crypt

Its a "Yrvandis Hollows", start location for Dwarfs race. Next will be "Taffrock Southern District", i guess.

Harpsyn and Psyron are works now

With 4.0.10 patch we can create new classes with a small lua trick even on official servers. And now we can start learning new features!

April 18, 2012

rom server emulator: v 0.1

Status update.

April 13, 2012

New Runes of Magic Private Server

Video under cut:

April 01, 2012

Which mob have card?

Look under cut