June 27, 2012

about actual boss parameters

Found an unreaplied comment:
i do not know how easy it is for you to parse the data but i think a LOT of people would be very interested in real-world data from bosses a) to compare with what the community found out so far b) to better optimize equipment and put the appropriate weight on certain skills like some of mages warriors and scouts which reduce a criticial resistance - currently everyone is more or less just guessing how much the actual effect will be. 
IDK. In some games this information is open, in another (including RoM) — closed.

Lot of peoples trying to obtain or calculate the real parameters (PAtk, PDef, Crit resist, etc.) and if I will publish full table, they will lose interest of research :)

Upd: okay, this is parameters for Chapters 1-2: link.

June 24, 2012

summer holidays

I decided to relax for a time, so work on Runes of Magic Emulator was suspended, as well as game research.

But you can look on RoM-Welten.de for news or game internals information.