December 27, 2011

about 70 craft

Here people crying about too rare materials for 70 lvl craft:
- Mysterious bags spawn rate is to low. Needs to be increased.
- Mysterious bags loot table to large[making the chance to drop lvl 70 craftable stones negligible. Remove stupid stuff like link runes, other lesser crafting stones.
- Tomb of the Seven Heroes to difficult to complete and farm for stones.

I agree with this, because we have wrong situation with 70 weapons:
 * we must farm 70 lvl dungeon to get materials for 70 crafted weapons
 * we need a good weapons to farm 70 lvl dungeon.

At previous patches, for example, with RT (60 lvl) we can craft 60 weapons from 57 materials and can farm 60 lvl dungeon with crafted weapon to get better items from this dungeon. Now when we at last will get materials and craft weapons, we would  already have 70 gear from TOSH (7heroes).

So, it looks like fail with 70 recipes, which we already have with 70 alchemy & cooking, when such recipes required white resources instead of green.

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