April 25, 2012

about new dungeons: Chaos Vortex: Evil

More information on rom-welten, here is screens.

chaos vortex map1335361598-clip-86kb
Periehr Sormyn Gorlo Palogis


  1. SaitouHajime29/4/12 09:50

    what exactly does the critical hit chance shown in your tooltip stand for? (not "what is a chance to critical hits" but of what information consists the value you have in the tooltip)?

    cause it decreases as you have a l73 instead of l72 boss in the target, so the big question would be: do you have access to values of crit-*resistance* of bosses?

    1. CritChance is calculated by following:

      ML = UnitLevel("target")
      MC = 30*ML+300

      PL = UnitLevel("player")
      k1,k2 = GetPlayerAbility("MELEE_CRITICAL") -- or another for mage/scout/priest etc
      PC = k1+k2

      chance = ((PC-MC)/max(PC,MC) + 1.0)/2 -- this is a chance in float value like 0.5 for 50%
      CritChance = chance*100

    2. Of course, this is just a chance, but real hit counts a mob critical resistance also (but only bosses have it).

  2. SaitouHajime29/4/12 21:08

    yeah, critical resistance is still a rather unknown factor in RoM today which makes it hard to judge the real value of crit. Do you have the crit-resistance data from bosses or a way to obtain them?

    1. SaitouHajime30/4/12 07:23

      i do not know how easy it is for you to parse the data but i think a LOT of people would be very interested in real-world data from bosses a) to compare with what the community found out so far b) to better optimize equipment and put the appropriate weight on certain skills like some of mages warriors and scouts which reduce a criticial resistance - currently everyone is more or less just guessing how much the actual effect will be.

      Honestly i do not know if its asked too much, but a table like
      Boss ID | name | HP | Pdef | Mdef | Patk | Matk | Pdmg | Mdmg | Pcrit | Mcrit | Pcrit-RESIS | Mcrit-RESIS (| Dex | Wis - for dodging/resiting hits or casts ) would probably get you a hell lot of hits on your blog ;)

  3. да просто ещё понять бы что написано