May 19, 2012

Chapter V: Zodiac Pets

With 5.0.0 Runewaker introduces new kind of pets called "zodiac pets".

Star pets have 4 elements: wind, water, earth, fire, with 3 zodiac signs each. They can buff with HP, Def, Crit, xp/tp rate (increased from battle and even from quests!) — 10 buffs total for 3 hours, once per day.

You need to collect some powder and exchange it at Phirius vendors with special items, which can be used to construct a new star pet at AT. Then you can "upgrade" your pet upto 3 level (grade).

To construct your Grade 1 pet with the special attribute, you need 1 crystall item and 3 star items, which are requires 9 another items, which are requires 27 elements :)

To upgrade your pet to the Grade 2, you need 3 stones, which are requires 3 star items (27*3 elements). For Grade 3 you need 3 "super-stones" (9 stones, 27*3*3 = 243 elements).

Have a nice farm :D


  1. Anonymous19/5/12 11:52

    Wow, nice information :)

  2. Anonymous19/5/12 12:57

    You could add new information about Qrich Cadaver Dan ? :)

    What lvl cap will be in June ? :P

    1. idk, 72 or 75. As for Qrich, no. I have info related to the Chaos Vortex, will publish a bit later.

  3. Anonymous19/5/12 19:46

    can u contact me via skype? already added u a few times...
    got some questions

    1. try to send a message or use email.

  4. Anonymous31/5/12 20:49

    cmon, ch5 is cooming soon...give us new information

  5. Anonymous14/6/12 01:03

    where do u find the so called powder to exchange? I only ask because even the ROM site doesn't even know where to find this