January 03, 2013

about "Report spam" function

REPORT_SPAM_CONFIRMATION = "Do you want to report %s as spammer?"

Is it works? Short answer: no, but long answer is yes.

Everyone uses this chat function to ignore chat messages from some player(s) which are flooding or spamming. Despite the "report", after client restart we can see unliked players in chat again, so it is not real abuse report to server or GameMaster, as all thinks.

So, how it works? In fact, the game client still sends a spam report to server and memorizes a name of player to eliminate next reports relating to same player and to ignore his chat messages at all.

When report received, server computes a "spam ratio" depending of spammer's level and sends a notification to abused player to inform him about spam report. But client reacts on it only by blocking current zone chat channel if spam ratio exceeds value of 50:

"SYS_BAN_TALK"="You have been banned from using the zone channel!"

Originally, spam reports were designed to block spam from gold sellers, but as we know, they use all chat channels: Say, Zone and even World, so this function not works completely.

But anyway, we can still ban somebody in zone chat by reporting him as spammer with few players (like flash mob): you need 2-3 different reports if target have 1-4 level, ~5 reports for <10 level and ~50 reports for rest of players.

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