November 01, 2013

useful links

Some useful links related to Runes of Magic information…


  • — Runes of Magic fansite with lot of public and private information, in German language generally. 
  • — official game database, but with low support.


Magical pets:


  • Planting Products (5.0.6)  — planting products from wood, herb, ore & magical seeds. Each products splitted on two records: with best Health and with normal Health during riping. Russian version.



  1. Anonymous23/1/12 18:05

    im really interested in the stuff you posted but you got banned for obvious reasons on the US rom forum. posting data from a russian testserver is just not that great an idea...

    any other way to contact you? i was too late too PM you :)

    1. Hehe. You can contact me by skype/email.

    2. How can I contact with you about this emu ??

  2. Anonymous15/3/12 01:40

    hi, can you pls include healing points dependency in your stats? (druid healing)
    i want to know, how is heal affected only by healing points
    @aeon :)

    1. As I know, for target heal: h/points * cast time
      for HoT: ( (wis,mdmg,etc.) + (h/points * cast time) / ticks count ) * Vahtos

  3. Thank You, very interesting blog. Two topics You have maybe more information:
    1) Is it possible to write such macro/lua script which checks all titles list and writes to chat all possible title names I don't have yet (to find out possible hidden titles)

    2) Is it possible to make Monster Cards drop probability chart similar to planting probability? I have heard that some cards are not even in the loot table so 0% drop rate. I do not wish to spend time to card farming if there is not possible to have such card.

    1. 1) Something like:
      /script for id=530000,540000 do ChatFrame1:AddMessage(string.format("|Hitem:%x|h[%s]|h", id, Text("Sys""_name"))) end

      2) Drop chance varies from 0.1% to 30%. Are you really need full table (1500 cards)?

    2. But its easier to install some addons like TitleFilter and TitleLink to explore all.

    3. 1) Nice. I modified it a bit based on another example about for AddMessage:
      /script for id=530000,532000 do local sys="Sys""_name"; local name=TEXT(sys); if (name ~= nil) and (name ~= "") and (name ~= sys) then ChatFrame1:AddMessage(string.format("|Hitem:%x|h[%s]|h", id, id.." " end end

      2) I hope so, I already have most of them (current count 1023 cards)

    4. I've added card drop tables, see "Miscellaneous" section above.

  4. Anonymous16/5/13 14:05

    Is it just me who sees this post as being posted in November 1 2013? :D sligh mm/dd vs dd/mm issue? :)