June 13, 2013

RomChat was released for Android

After year of slacking, I decided to sell own R&D stuff related to this game to some guys with more enthusiasm that I have :)

Now they released first mobile app: Runes of Magic Mobile Chat for Google Android phones and tables.


RomChat provides access to the game from mobile devices, allowing to chat with your friends and guild members and to use the ingame mail and auction features.

Support all kinds of chat: guild, raid, locations and world, game channels and wispers.

Supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian


Download at Android Market



  1. Anonymous26/6/13 05:05

    too expensive, sorry.

  2. 2$ for you expensive?))very many players donate a lot of more!(as for me I never donate, but I can't buy it program because haven't android and other support mobyle systems) but I think idea of this RomChat is great. Now will wait release of the RomEmu project!

  3. Anonymous7/7/13 09:10

    $2 is too expensive? Wow, some people would say even 1c too expensive.

    Anyway... someone make a gosh darn RoM private server already!!!