February 23, 2012

New Classes: Harpsyn and Psyron

Runewaker presents a new 2 classes for Runes of Magic: Harpsyn and Psyron!

Probably, it is internal names for new classes, like Thief is a Rogue or Ranger is a Scout. There are no so much information about them, only this sentence from Ned Shadoweave:
"If only I'd studied Rune Weapon Operations harder, I could join [SC_Z31_DEPARTMENT_04] (Campaign Department) and become a great [SYS_CLASSNAME_PSYRON] (Psyron). Sigh, it's too bad I don't have the talent to fight."

update: more information about new classes of Chapter V can be found at RoM-Welten.de.

Also we can see a skills for these classes (without elite skills, because elite skill table keeped at server):

LevelHarpsyn General Skills
1Psychic Arrows
1Weakening Curse
4Warp Charge
8Pure Soul
12Soul Pain
16Surge of Malice
20Saces's Scorn
LevelHarpsyn Skills
6Perception Extraction
6Willpower Blade
6Willpower Construct
10Severed Consciousness
10Locked Heart
14Shield of Solid Mind
18Sublimation Weave Curse
20Mind Barrier
20Ruthless Judgment
22Balance Blow
24Ill Will
26Beast's Roar
28Defense Net
30Soul Trauma
30Otherworldly Whisper
30Knowledge Acquisition
34Calm Paradox
36Surge of Awareness
36Opportune Strike
38Saces's Embrace
40Life Weave

LevelPsyron General Skills
1Heavy Strike
4Hammer Weapon Proficiency
6Energy Influx Strike
8Finishing Hammer
12Runecraft - Diversion
16Runecraft - Solidify
20Shock Strike
LevelPsyron Skills
4Rune Draw
10Rune Pulse
14Fearless Blow
16Shield Form
18Runecraft - Fortify
18Rune Energy Influx
22Chain Drive
24Rune Growth
26Agitated Whirlpool
28Vacuum Wave
30Last Line of Defense
32Imprisonment Pulse
34Kinetic Burn
36Feedback Defense
38Remodeled Body
40Rune Overload


  1. Anonymous24/2/12 12:26

    interesting :)

  2. Anonymous6/3/12 10:16

    looks awsm XD

  3. Anonymous12/3/12 16:47

    is there also a new race?

  4. Anonymous13/3/12 11:36

    April fool...

  5. Anonymous16/3/12 17:19

    Harpsyn stolen from Guild wars 2 the Mesmer fucking Runes!!!

  6. Anonymous4/4/12 13:56

    No april fool.
    dwarfes are coming... :D