February 27, 2012

How to separate RoM settings for different servers or clients

It's can be done with few ways:

1. savefoldername: Official method, you can choose an alternate settings folder instead of "Runes of Magic" for each Region (eneu, enus, etc). Just add this value (e.g. MySaveFolder) to update.inf/localization.ini:

windowname=Runes of Magic [ENEU]

2. Using batch files (a bit difficult to understand). It renames "Runes of Magic" to "enRunes of Magic" and vice versa.

3. Using special extension, which stores your settings to "%Runes of Magic%\User\" directory, so settings of the different clients can be stored separately:

  •  c:\games\runes of magic\user\runes of magic\savevariables.lua
  •  c:\games\rom4u\user\runes of magic\savevariables.lua
Not work with XorRom, because it prevents code hooks (and hacks J.)

How to use:
  • copy romlog.dll to your game folder
  • add it to imports section of the Client.exe with PETools or ImpRec (or set to AppInit_DLLs registry value)
  • Copy your current settings from "%Documents%\Runes of Magic" to %Runes of Magic%\User\Runes of Magic" (ofc, you need create "User" directory at game folder).
  • profit!
Also you can save settings even for different accounts or servers: you must create a shortcut with special name, such as "romAccount1.lnk" to "Client.exe /NoCheckVersion" and your settings will be stored as "%Runes of Magic%\User\Account1" (special shortcut's name must begin with "rom" letters).


  1. ohhh thx man that iam searching :D

  2. Anonymous1/8/12 11:13

    As per http://www.rompros.com/rom-general/3459-update-inf-zip-file.html : the update.inf is password protected. The password (as listed on the forementioned page) is tarubK2Vy5gT8Xo6